Why QuantOffice

Why QuantOffice
  • Trade crypto pairs on multiple exchanges from our list of over 35 exchanges and liquidity pools that generate real trade volume*
  • Run market-making and/or pricing arbitrage including simple linear and triangular cases
  • Enjoy a simple Web front-end for configuring, running, and monitoring your trading bots
  • Utilize a flexible pricing engine to control your quotes
  • Set up risk limits at trading bot level, currency/asset level, and the execution server level
  • Utilize a highly customizable hedge logic configurator to fit best your needs
  • Perform real-time monitoring of trading statistics including day trading volume, open volume on the market, P&L
  • Receive/View trading alerts via email
  • Use Trade Reports and Wallet Balance Monitor
  • Use REST/WS API for programmatic management of trading bots and risk rules. Perform market screening and create/run trading bots on-the-fly
  • Extremely short time to market for running your personal application instance in Amazon AWS private cloud hosted by Deltix 


*We support all exchanges with real trade volume mentioned in this paper: